les mots connectifs

There is a set of words that I personally use quite often in French, such as puis, or alors.  I call them (rightly or wrongly) “connecting words.”  These are phrases I use to connect one portion of a sentence to another – placing something in time, or in relation to something else.  Here are some of what I consider to be the most common.

actuellement – currently, on-going
alors – then, so
alors que – while, when, even though
autant – equal, equally
car – since, since, introducing a reason for something
d’abord – first, beginning
d’après – after, next
de sorte que – so that
donc – therefore
dont – whose, of whom, of which
durant – during, through out
depuis – since
en clair – clearly
ensuite – after, following
lors – during
lors même que – even if, even though
lorsqu’ils – when they
parmi – amongst, from among
pendant – during, while
plutôt– rather
pourtant – however, just the same
puis – then, and then
selon – according to, conforming with
tant – a certain amount, number of
voici – here is
voilà – there is


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